Welcome to our site. The Holland Bureau was established in December 2009 as a venture into independent journalism, providing commentary on international affairs. The central theme is the Netherlands, that small nation in the north-west of Europe which maintains a strong presence in all things global: international economics, financial regulation, international law, managing climate change, oil and gas exploration, military operations, intelligence, development strategy, drug policies, the UN, the EU, NATO. Dutch politics has also been going through major upheavals, making developments here noteworthy for other nations.

With cutbacks in the Dutch print media, English-language reporting on developments in Dutch domestic and foreign policy has declined. NRC Handelsblad recently re-started their English-language online pages after closing them down in 2010. Otherwise, only Radio Netherlands Worldwide  and independent media sites such as DutchNews.nl and DutchReview now fill this gap. The Holland Bureau adds itself to this important community.

The Bureau was the initiative of Giles Scott-Smith, an academic based in Leiden and Middelburg who researches and teaches in the fields of Cold War History, Public Diplomacy, Transatlantic Relations, and International Relations. The site was originally constructed by University College Roosevelt (UCR) graduate Jesse Coleman, who has since moved on into the health/IT sector. The site is currently being maintained by UCR student Nicolas Castellon. The Holland Bureau’s Facebook site  is run by UCR graduate and Consumentenbond professional Diederik Perk.